for K. / Florence, 11.3.12

The mirror of another’s love
shows no eyes, nor lips, nor hands,
vain scrutabilities, these of
light borrowed by vacant stands.
Love lends in words & deeds a wealth
of sight: love’s sweet harass
fans with hot kisses the flame of self
that flees from breath on silvered glass.
It is the mirror of the soul,
itself a mirror, casting back
& forth forever that same whole
it fills, refills, & fulfills its lack.
   We two souls thus will amplify
   the world in which we live, & love, & die.

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2 Responses to for K. / Florence, 11.3.12

  1. ovaut says:

    this reminds me of zurcher!

    note: didn’t realise it was going to be rhyming till ‘stands’. deliberate?

    • lexipenia says:

      Well, I thought I’d try my hand at some neo-Elizabethan sonnets of my own. Effect in the first stanza is more due to poverty of non-trite rhymes for “love”; for similar reasons, I also didn’t want the tetrameter blocks to be too tight. Challenge was to do a sonnet in tetrameter which wouldn’t sound too lyrical.

      I’ve misplaced my copy of “Coming Home”.

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