your vague art / Berlin, 21.05.14

your vague art

your vague art answers nothing
when we ask it how to live
when we ask the sun to settle
what answer could it give
save the moon’s penumbra?
the moon’s penumbra drifts
& your vague art answers: nothing.

your vague art has absconded
during the eclipse
with each canvas in the musée
leaving empty frames & slips
whose nothing answers firmly
the interrogatrix
why your vague art has absconded.

your vague art is a point source
nothing like the sun
but shimmers in the firmament
illuminating one
rod or cone or nothing
in the interrogation
your vague art is.

                                    a point source
far from the milky way
casts no shadow, casts no light
in the eclipsed musée
but is just what it is
ten trillion miles away:
a point source
(far from our milky way).

so your vague art is many
times preciser than the sun
creating murky shadows
shining on all as one
its work is nightwork, being
itself all alone
yet your vague art is many
(or we ourselves are none).

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