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Christmas Fugue

I spent Christmas Eve writing a silly fugue. Season’s greetings to you all! (Subsequently edited to remove as many errors in the counterpoint as possible. The augmented/inverted canon at the end will never “really” work as it throws up too … Continue reading

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Beethoven, Cavell and Talking Nonsense

In music, film and literature (though not in visual art), grammar is the question of what comes next. The grammar of natural languages imposes restrictions on word order. Functional harmony frowns upon certain progressions of chords. The famous Kushelov Effect suggests … Continue reading

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10 Time Management Tips to Hack Productivity

1. Work harder, not smarter We all flatter ourselves that we’re intelligent. We characterize our innate lethargy as a privilege won by our foxy wiles. “Work smarter, not harder” basically means: spend two hours on YouTube then skim your reading … Continue reading

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Five female composers

Female composers are terribly underrepresented. This probably has to do with a general hostility towards C20th and contemporary music, but hyper-conservative programming of pre-1900 works doesn’t help the situation. Sure, some ‘notable’ female composers are rubbish: Szymanowska is insipid salon wallpaper … Continue reading

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