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Beethoven, Cavell and Talking Nonsense

In music, film and literature (though not in visual art), grammar is the question of what comes next. The grammar of natural languages imposes restrictions on word order. Functional harmony frowns upon certain progressions of chords. The famous Kushelov Effect suggests … Continue reading

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A note on Kieślowski

I recently rewatched Krzysztof Kieślowski’s La double vie de Véronique, a film I first saw around Christmastime 2008. Returning to the film was really an attempt to recover the feeling of inspiration and possibility I experienced when I first saw … Continue reading

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Translation: Rilke, ‘Die Sonnette an Orpheus – II’

Die Sonette an Orpheus – II Und fast ein Mädchen wars und ging hervor aus diesem einigen Glück von Sang und Leier und glänzte klar durch ihre Frühlingsschleier und machte sich ein Bett in meinem Ohr. Und schlief in mir. … Continue reading

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